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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave Reveals Her Biggest RHOBH Regret And The Biggest Lesson She Learned In Season 9! Teddi Also Reflects On PuppyGate Drama With Lisa Vanderpump!

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is spilling the tea about the current season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during a recent Instagram and Twitter Q&A. Teddi shares her thoughts on Season 9 - including her fallout with LVP, Camille Grammer and much more. Check it out below!

When asked what was the biggest takeaway lesson she learned this season, she replied: "I learned way more than one. The show is great for self reflection bc it highlights out faults," she wrote via her Instagram Stories. "Every day I work on doing the best I can with the situation put in front."

When asked why Camille Grammer kept "dismissing" her in the Season 9 finale; Teddi wrote: I didn't love it either."

When asked if she would be open if they brought back Brandi Glanville, she replied: "Every time I've seen Brandi she's been kind and fun to be around."

When asked about her favorite moments this season, Teddi wrote: "This season - was more fun and I formed stronger relationships. Last sason-better when it came to twitter," she wrote, adding a laughing emoji.

Was this season harder to film than last season? Teddi wrote: "No, but harder to watch back."

When asked if she can go back in time and change and moment she had on the show, Teddi replied: "I would have shown all the text messages to the entire group at the first dinner in the Bahamas. Also, I would have eaten those chips in Provence."

After a viewer called her out that she had no proof, Teddi fired back sharing screenshots of the text messages she and John Blizzard exchanged. "I have proof. No way a young employee who worships his boss would make this up," she wrote. "Why wasn't he fired? Why didn't Lisa speak to the both of us together? It's all there."

When asked who gave her the best advice when she joined the show, Mellencamp replied: "Lisa Rinna "This too shall pass." "

When a viewer called her out for feuding with LVP over puppygate, Teddi fired back: "We all made mistakes. In the end, one of us apologized for your wrongdoings."

When asked if she would have handled puppygate differently, she responded with: "It is what it is. You live and you learn."

Teddi also shared her thoughts on Denise Richards joining the cast. "Amazing," she said about Richards. "She's great for the show and a good person."

Photo Credit: Bravo