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Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave On Camille Grammer: “She’s Continually Trying To Assert Her Dominance Over Me For Some Odd Reason”

Teddi Mellencamp Arroyave is sharing her thoughts on the Season 9 finale episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills via her Bravo blog. Teddi also talks about her confrontation with Camille Grammer and denies snubbing her daughter Mason.

"The Agency party was a great way to celebrate Mauricio's success. It was also a great way for Camille to get all of her final licks in. There's coming in hot and then there's coming in Camille. I can imagine her listening to "Eye of the Tiger" on loop on the car ride over to amp herself up," Teddi wrote.

"It doesn't make sense that at that last dinner Camille SAYS that she would like to know if she's done anything wrong. But then when she's told about what she's done wrong, she's being "attacked"? Camille can come tearing into The Agency party like she's just gathered the last Infinity Stone, but as soon as someone comes back at her she's being "attacked." Sounds like she's picked up someone else's rule book they must have dropped on their way out...," Teddi shared.

She continued: "Funny that I'm not worth her time here, yet my name has been on her lips all season–don't think there's been an episode that's had a Camille talking head that didn't mention my name. Her hand in my face I can take, but Camille grabbing me was enough. She's continually trying to assert her dominance over me for some odd reason–maybe I'm not too big for my britches; maybe Camille has just worn hers out."

"I've already addressed the Mason/airport "snubbing" in another blog, but I'll reiterate here. I absolutely did not snub Mason–we were all walking through the airport together (Wives, husbands, crew) and it's always madness and a rush. I said hello just like everyone else. And honestly, Camille could have brought this up many times. It seems like an afterthought even at this party. "Oh, by the way..." That's not how I'd bring up to someone how upset I was that they "snubbed" my daughter," she wrote courtesy via her Bravo blog. "That's the way I'd approach something that I realize I had planned out to say to try and purposely make someone look bad."

She added: "Sorry, I just got a bit sidetracked–I saw LVP thank Camille for sticking up for her and Camille saying, "You are so welcome," but I keep searching and just getting FOOTAGE NOT FOUND in return."

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Photo Credit: Bravo