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Taylor Armstrong Says It “Would Be Amazing” To Have The “OGs Back Together” On RHOBH And Shades Bravo For Adding Actresses!

Taylor Armstrong says the original Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast members were “REAL” friends and reveals why their lives connected with the viewers. The former Bravo reality star also shades the network for adding actresses to the show and says it “would be amazing” to have the “OGs back together.”

"We were REAL friends, that's what made the audience connect with our lives," she wrote. "Up, down, fun and tragedy, we were there for each other."

After a fan called out that the seasons in especially between 6 through 9 couldn't relate to Armstrong's statement and that it was "odd" that Bravo decided to start adding actresses, Taylor responded: "Ha ha casting "friends" doesn't really work in reality," she wrote.

Taylor also agreed with a fan that it would be "amazing" to have the OGs back "together."

"That would be amazing - the OGs back together xo."

Photo Credit: Bravo