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RHOCheshire Star Ester Dee Claps Back At Body Shamer!

Ester Dee claps back at a body shamer. The Real Housewives of Cheshire star shared a comment on her Instagram page of an online troll saying negative things about her body and image.

The body shamer commented on a photo of Dee, writing the following: "I liked her when she was carved and what I see now it's different she looks old serious talking good that she has lost weight that's what people do when they are public figure but I loved the old Ester not this one she looks like she is in her fifties and yet she is in her twenties," she wrote.

As for Ester she clapped back by sharing a screenshot of the hater's comment on her Instagram page, with the caption; "wow! Woman to woman! Please get of my instagram woman and take your negativity with you! People like you demotivating the world! Not a into that at all! Body shaming again!," she wrote.

"Any bloody size we are, people always criticise! Watch what comes of your mouth, not nice!!!!! Recently I had few big stressful changes in my life and did not feel well! That’s cause my weight gone down a bit!"

She added: "Also I am a mother of 4 years old! Very active job! Work, travel, stress #notfunny #rhocheshire 🤢🤢🤢"

Photo Credit: Instagram