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Monique Samuels And Candiace Dillard Feud On Twitter Over “Amistad” Comment, Candiace Sounds Off On Explosive Fight With Ashley Darby — Read Their Tweets Here!

Real Housewives of Potomac stars Monique Samuels and Candiace Dillard got into a heated exchange on  Twitter over “Amistad” comment that Samuels made about Katie Rost while they live tweeted while the hit reality series aired on Bravo.

"The Amistad comment was taken so out of proportion that I couldn't even remember the conversation! I was shocked when @_AshleyDarby informed me of the mess. Took me a few days to remember what I actually said," she tweeted.

"Let's get to the bottom of this mess," wrote Monique. "Straight to the source is the best way."

Monique also questioned the comments Candiance claims that she had said during the sit-down over the hot topic. "Pay attention "you're going to turn into what she was last year" FACT!," she wrote, adding "Where's the lie #RHOP"

Monique tweeted: "Hey where's the real @candeegal." to which Candiace replied; "What does that even mean? "Is this the real Candiace" Like the other me was a fabrication?," she tweeted. "You may be smarter than some of these other people but I peepgame lol #RHOP"

"U huh din't look confused now sis rhop," wrote Monique.

"I wasn't confused," replied Dillard. "I was recalling what you were speaking about and why you were hearing it from Ashley when I knew I never spoke to her."

The continued: "So Gizelle said it but you said yes," Monique tweeted. "She left that part out. In which Candiace, replied: ""Yes," as in, yes that is was the movie mentioned in your reference. Don't even act like you don't understand editing."

A fan then chimed in and called out Dillard for "twisting" Monique's words and suggested to apologize for her "mistake."

"I didn't twist s**t, I repeated it as I interpreted it (albeit to the wrong person)," wrote Candiace. "A WHOLE OTHER PERSON twisted her words. And that person was not me. Get OUT of here with this bs."

She continued: "I didn't need to apologize for anything. I did own my poor judgement in speaking to someone who I knew doesn't like Monique."

Candiace then claims that she "wasn't trying to create drama or mess."

"I repeated what I said to Gizelle TO Monique exactly as I said it. I was having a casual conversation - with the wrong friend. I own that #RHOP"

"Nevertheless, while I have no problem repeating what I heard Mo say ( she did make a comparison to Katie and Amistad), my regret is sharing it with Gizelle - someone who will always look for for the worst in Monique bc she's not here for Monique. #RHOP"

After Candiance tweeted, "There was more than one conversation about Katie's appearance. The general consensus was that the girl looked rough. #RHOP" Katie Rost responded and tweeted the following: "What the f**k?! I am a naturally beautiful woman, real tits, real skin, real nappy ass hair (under my wrap or wig) real lashes, and I really look good with no makeup on)"

To which Monique replied to Rost's tweet and wrote: "The question is more conversations with whom?! Mine started and ended with "free spirit"

Meanwhile, Dillard also took to Twitter to address her explosive fight with co-star Ashley Darby.

"I'm not in the business of destroying marriages but people need to be accountable for the s**t that comes out of their mouths," she tweeted about Ashley and Michael Darby. "And I'm sick of y'all trying to make me out to be a liar, jealous, messy...etc. Where's there's smoke, there's fire."

"OKAY. let the record show I PICKED UP THE KNIFE to emulate Ashley getting on the mic. Not to be t threatening or disrespectful. LET THE RECORD SHOW," she tweeted.

Candiace continued: "When said heathen decides not to take heed, what happens to them after that is on them. This girl wanted to rumble and she got it."

"The way a dinner party works is, you're invited in by the host. Then when you take it upon yourself to reveal your lack of hometraining by cutting the f*ck up and you are asked to leave, you GET THE F*CK out"

She added: "She was asked to leave my home. She made the foolish decision to stay where she was no longer welcomed. Again. Y'all love to criticize my REACTION to the bs of others."

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Photo Credit: Bravo