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Kelly Dodd Slams Heather Dubrow; Calls Her “Fake” And A “Pretentious B*tch”

Kelly Dodd continues to share her dislike for former Real Housewives of Orange County co-star Heather Dubrow. It all went down when a fan revealed that they miss Dubrow's "snotty behavior and fancy persona on the show."

"Yeah you want to be treated like sh*t, that's how she treated production," she tweeted. "You think snobby is cool ..would love for you to be in her presence .."

Kelly added: "She's fake !! Pretentious bitch .. she would make you feel like shit.. everyone in Newport waiters staff at mastros have lovely things to say about her .."

Last month, Dodd slammed Dubrow after a fan begged her to stay on the show and revealed to her about Dubrow's recent comments about considering returning the show if Dodd left.

"She got fired," Dodd said of Dubrow in the comment section of one of her post. "Tamra even said it herself  .. she will never come back!! True fact!

Dodd also slammed Dubrow's podcast show. "Who listens to her podcast? She couldn't make it as Dlist actress she couldn't make it on reality tv which is like F-minus .. full of shit !"

She added: "Time for her curtain call to close!! #sorry  not sorry go away! #irrelevant"

The news comes after Dubrow revealed why she doesn't see herself returning to the Bravo hit reality series anytime soon.

 "Well, I always say 'never say never,' because, you know, if in two years I was back on the show I don't want to be like, 'Well, they're going in a different direction and I really like the way it's going,'" she told Entertainment Tonight. "You never know what life is gonna bring you, but I feel like I'm in a good spot [off the show]."

"I mean, look, we're like peeking behind the curtains of someone’s life and seeing what's really going on, and I think when it's authentic and we can show our true lives and interact with people that we really would have in our day-to-day lives, and with the normal interactions and drama that goes along with that, I love it and I'm completely on board," Heather offers. "But I feel like, when certain characters -- and I will say characters -- are brought on to be incendiary and light the match, then that takes me a little bit back."

When asked if the chances of a RHOC return were greater for her if Kelly Dodd was not part of the cast, Heather offers a "yeah," smirk and a sip of her champagne.

Photo Credit: Bravo