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iRealHousewives Exclusive Interview With RHONY Star Cindy Barshop!

She’s got everything she’s ever wanted and its been all on her own terms. Hello everyone and welcome once again to Claude's Corner on I’m Jean-Claude and just recently I took a trip to VSPOT Medi Spa and sat down with Cindy Barshop from The Real Housewives of New York City.

Cindy talked to us EXCLUSIVELY about her time on RHONY, where she stands with Sonja Morgan and Ramon Singer as well as getting engaged and launching her new business, VSPOT Medi Spa.

 Hello Cindy, welcome to
Cindy Barshop: Hey! Thanks for having me.

How did you ended up joining the cast of RHONY?
CB: I was on Live with Regis and Kelly and Completely Bare had got a lot of press - I was friends with Kimora Lee Simmons and she had her show at the time and then I looked up what was the number one rated reality television show and RHONY was there and I went for it.

You were intended to take Bethenny Frankel's place on the show. Was there in pressure going into it?
CB: I didn't feel much pressure going into it. I am a strong business woman as is she - think being the new girl sometimes can be a bit different.

Have you ever met Bethenny?
CB: Yes! I knew Bethenny before I joined RHONY. We have a mutual friend and have gone to dinner before. I actually set her up with my brother before she got engaged.

Speaking about you're brother Howie - how is he doing these days?
CB: He’s good. Divorce, dating now, happily living the bachelor life.

How did you take the news of the cast shakeup?
CB: I was kinda shocked but I knew it was coming. I felt like I failed. I had a meeting with Andy [Cohen] and it was more logistics. I never fail at anything so how can I fail at this. I'm happy we all landed so I wouldn’t change it for anything.

During your time on the show - you feuded mostly with Ramonja - Where do you stand with Sonja now?
CB:Nowhere. I have very little respect for her. She’s not a girls girl and not someone I’d wanna be around.

What was the main factor in the demise of your friendship with Ramona Singer?
CB: She had beef with my brother Howie. She said some really nasty things about him and at my birthday party she wanted to start something - my parents just got out the hospital and she wanted to start a fight, my father is 75 years old  - she started as soon as the cameras went on. It was very selfish of her. I guess it still continues on now cause she’s still talking about me.

Ramona constantly calls you a non-event. Have you ran into her lately?
CB: I ran into her here at my spa. I guess I'm not such a non event if she makes time to my spa for treatments. What she says and does are two different things. She was just here last week.

Speaking of you're spa. What services does VSPOT Medi Spa offers?
CB: We do everything to help women non-evasively enhance their sexual satisfaction and intimate pleasure from tightening, lighting, O-shot, V-shot. Overall to empower women to feel better about themselves.

Will VSPOT Medi Spa expand?
CB: Yes. We will be expanding internationally this year and two more locations within the US.

Any tips for women out there that want to launch their own business?
CB: Don’t listen to the naysayers. Focus on small tasks and to always believe in yourself. I always say when I start a new business is that failure is not an option. You can make money in anything you do.

What’s the biggest lesson you learned from doing reality TV?
CB: I don’t think I've learned anything, but I’m happy to be apart of pop culture.

What was your favorite moment on the show?
CB: Morocco was my favorite moment being there with Jill and Luann.

Sonja cut you out off the group pictures - do you have any with the girls?
CB: (lLaughs).  Yes I do. I have pictures with me and the girls somewhere laying around.

Do you stay in touch with any of the girls?
CB: Yes. I'm still in touch with Luann and Jill.

Do you keep in touch with Kelly Bensimon?
CB: No not since we wrapped.

Did you meet any of the ladies that joined the show after you left?
CB: Yes. I know Barbara Kavovit. I’ve met Heather Thomson, Kristen Taekman - very lovely women. I’d like to be on with them.

Do you still watch RHONY?
CB: Not RHONY. I feel bad but once in a blue moon I turn it on and watch RHOBH, because it’s not close to home.

If you can join any other Real Housewives franchise - which one would it be? You can pick nationally or internationally.

Do you feel like you got steamrolled at RHONY reunion?
CB: I think going in, I wasn’t prepared or seasoned enough to have my ducks in a line. These women go into the reunion prepared with notes - they don’t just fly off and attack. Andy Cohen needed to control the women - they were out of control.

Has Bravo ever asked you back?
CB: No. But there's talks about other stuff to look into, since I'm still friends with some of the girls.

Has your life changed since the show?
CB: Everything's changed from business to children and work. Life’s good.

Are you going to be at BravoCon?
CB: Probably not.

How was filming your cameo for Odd Mom Out?
CB: It was hysterical. I can’t believe it’s off. They featured me - it was great. I loved that show.

Can you give us an update on how the twins are doing these days?
CB: They are 9 years old. Now I'm getting them ready for camp. Healthy and happy, they're great.

Congratulations on you're engagement. What was your initial reaction when Jay proposed to you?
CB: We were at the SoHo House. He got a suite there and made it very special - a dream room. I wasn’t surprised like movies, I knew it was coming. Most women know when it’s coming but i was elated.

You now have the twins and a good man in your life. What is something you want to tell women who decide to wait?
CB: I've spent all these years being happy with myself. Having Jay in my life is a huge bonus. I'm one of those people that never settled. I got the best guy ever.

Apart from expanding VSPOT -  is there anything else that you are working on?
CB: We are coming out with an intimate product line. Very sophisticated. Intimate health line that will be out by next year.

Any last word for your fans?
CB: Thanks for making my life fun those years. Itss sweet that people still send me little montages that they make and the power of the show has been amazing. Thank you guys so much and stay tuned!

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Photo Credit: Cindy Barshop