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iRealHousewives Exclusive: Christall Kay Talks About Her Music Career And Teases What Viewers Can Expect In Season 2 Of The Real Housewives Of Johannesburg!

Hello everyone and welcome once again to Claude's Corner on I’m Jean-Claude and today I have Christall Kay from The Real Housewives of Johannesburg. The "Wonder" singer talks to us EXCLUSIVELY about the show currently airing in Australia and what they can expect in Season 1. Also, Kay gives us an update on her music career and teases what viewers can expect in Season 2 and much more!

Welcome back Christall!
Christall Kay: Hi Jean- Claude. Always good to hear from you. Glad to be back!

How do you think that the viewers in Australia will identify with the girls from the City of Gold?
CK: I think the ladies from down under will really identify with the girls from the City of Gold because we share a similar culture and lifestyle!

Have you watched The Real Housewives of Melbourne or Sydney? And if so, who was your favourite?
CK: I have watched one episode of the the Sydney Housewives and loved every minute of it!

What were your thoughts when you heard that RHOJ was now airing in Australia?
CK: I am thrilled to hear we are airing in Australia. It is awesome to know that we are going to be known over there and perhaps we can network with the Housewives in Australia too!

What have you been up to since Season 1?
CK: Well for me what has changed since series 1 is that I proved myself as a force to be reckoned with both in my music and my personal life. My music career is taking off and my personal life has taken some dramatic turns which will be evident in season 2!

Has filming began for Season 2?
CK: Yes! We have started filming series 2.

Madam and Mercy announced they were leaving the show. How do you feel about their departure?
CK: I am both relieved and disappointed that Evodia and Mercy are not coming back. They made the show a misery at times but did keep me on my toes!

What can we expect in Season 2?
CK: There is a lot of glamour, fun and drama coming out of season 2.

Can you tell us what have you been working on these days?
CK: I have been working on my music in the sense of my album and releasing new singles.  I have also been busy with publicity interviews and TV shows such as Pasella and Come Dine with Me SA.

Which co-stars have you kept in touch with after Season 1 aired?
CK: I haven’t really stayed in touch with any of the other Housewives but I have seen quite a bit of Lerika.

Have you figured out you're tagline yet?
CK: For my tag line I am definitely still "Wonder Woman" but there will be a change or 2 for the upcoming season.

Have you gotten a chance to meet any of the other wives from other franchises?
CK: No, but I would love to meet Housewives from different territories. It will be such a giggle, and you never know there may be some drama too!

What’s the most stressful part about filming RHOJ?
CK: The most stressful part of filming is that you can’t see yourself on camera and how you come across and you never know what uncompromising bits they are gonna air on national television!

How long do you film for per day?
CK: Normally we film 2 scenes a day which keeps you busy from morning til night!

Was there any moment(s) that you would’ve wanted shown that didn’t make the cut - and if so, what was it?
CK: To be quite honest, most of the time I am wishing they hadn’t aired certain bits rather than wishing they should put more on.

Where is the video for Wonder? We’ve all been waiting for it!
CK: The video for Wonder is dropping any day now! I know the suspense is killing all of you!

Anything you would like the Australian viewers to know about you aside what airs on the show?
CK: A word to all those wonderful Australian gals! Just remember that you can’t keep a good girl down. She might take the heat but sooner or later she will light the fire!

Any last words you would like to share with your fans?
CK: Happy to relive this experience with all you beautiful people, see you guys soon!

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