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David Oldfield Reveals The Real Reason He Split From Lisa Oldfield And Admits He Still Loves Her!

David Oldfield, the ex-husband of Real Housewives of Sydney star Lisa Oldfield is getting candid about their split and admits that he still loves her. In his memoir, Before You Judge Me, he revealed the real reason for their split as he reflects on their marriage.

"There came a point where being together with Lisa was no longer in the interests of our sons," the One Nation co-founder explained, according to The Daily Mail Australia. "No, I haven't been having an affair and getting divorced wasn't in my plans, but I did need to break the cycle of dysfunction and give our sons the very best chance in life that I could."

"It is hard to know where it goes from here as there are so many issues that need to be addressed."

Although their marriage is over, in the chapter "Lisa and Me," David admitted he still "loves" the controversial Foxtel reality star.

"I love Lisa, but we're so different in so many ways," he explained, listing how he is "health conscious and responsible," while claiming that Lisa is the opposite.

He continued: "Yet it didn't seem at all like that in the beginning, perhaps we weren't so different then."

"Once upon a time Lisa and I enjoyed each other's company and she used to tell everyone I was her best friend."

Before You Judge Me is now available wherever books are sold courtesy via New Holland Publishers.

Photo Credit: Google Images