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Carole Radziwill Opens Up About Her Fallout With Bethenny Frankel And Reveals Why She Left RHONY!

Carole Radziwill is spilling the tea about her time on The Real Housewives of New York City such as the demise in her friendship with co-star Bethenny Frankel and the real reason why she decided to leave the Bravo hit reality series.

"We were close when we met on the show...I would consider her a good friend and had up until the last season," Carole said in a recent interview on SiriusXM’s The Jenny McCarthy Show, according to E! News. "None of what she was saying was true...I don't know what—she was obviously constructing a storyline for herself that wasn't based in reality."

"I was a very good friend to [Bethenny]. That's all I'm going to say. I supported her in her charities, I gave her a lot of money…I really cared about her...I was just being a really good friend to her. I think I was trying to establish some boundaries at the end and sometimes people don't do well with that. I just was just a little too much Bethenny and not enough Carole in the relationship. I didn't blow that relationship up," Carole said. "Even when we were filming I have text messages...It was definitely time for me to leave...I think at the end, if I'm being honest, I didn't trust the process and that made me nervous."

Carole said that during the show's ninth season, which featured the 2016 presidential election, was a turning point for her. She told McCarthy that she had conversations with executives about leaving the show and that everyone was in agreement, especially after the tenth season reunion.

"After the reunion—It's funny because the very first thing I did after the reunion was I called my accountant 'cause I wanted to know, 'If I didn't do this, how long could I go without a big paycheck?'" Carole said. "I think that's where my head was at..."

During her time on the Bravo hit reality series, Radziwill admits that she was never forced to argue or told what to say to her co-stars.

"I didn't fight that much. They don't force you. I know that people do think that the producers tell us what to do or say, but they really don't. The women are just enough sort of emotionally unbalanced and wanting to get attention that it just happens naturally," Carole explained. "It just happens naturally that they start arguing in a way that they wouldn't probably argue like that in their off-camera life."

Carole says she has put her reality television career behind her and confirms that she still stays in contact with former co-star Dorinda Medley.

"I'm glad it's over," she said, noting "I still am close with [Dorinda Medley]...She's really a great woman, so smart and so clever. A really great girlfriend."

Photo Credit: Bravo