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Candiace Dillard Sounds Off On Twitter About Her Explosive Knife Fight With Ashley Darby — Read Candiace’s Tweets Here!

Candiace Dillard took to Twitter to sound off on her explosive knife with Real Housewives of Potomac co-star Ashley Darby. Dillard had a lot to say about Darby while she was live tweeting during Sunday night's episode of the Bravo hit reality series.

"So. I'm wild. 200%. We will not completely ignore the fact, though that there is now an unwelcomed cockroach in my home. WHAT KIND OF PERSON who is asked to leave someone's home..DOESN'T LEAVE? Roaches raised in barns, that's who," she tweeted.

"Remember who brought up the penis sucking at the table. The same person who has stirred most of the pots this year: NOT me, not even Robyn, but Gizelle."

"Why you laughing? Lol. Bc you're uncomfortable Bc you know he said it," wrote Dillard. "You know it's his m.o. and you know this is typical behavior for him."

"What kind of married man stands in front of his wife and tells her group of friends and other mixed company what he wants to do to someone else sexually? It's disrespect."

"Furthermore, this kind of commentary from Michael puts everyone in our friend group in an awkward position," she wrote. "Whether he was talking about one of our husbands or one of the other ladies, it's typically not appropriate to make sideways sexual advances at your group of friends."

She continued: "WHY ARE YOU DEFLECTING TO A CONVERSATION THAT YOUR WEAK ASS WASNT IN when your husband is telling your friends he wants to have another man's dick in his mouth? Did they teach you priorities at the University of Concubines?"

"This thing is refusing to leave. Ignoring every ask to GTFO. Now, if I haul off and pop her ass, I'm crazy and out of line."

She continued: "Deflect, defend, deflect, defend...sounds like a song. I just wrote her next single! #turnontheautotune"

"Who coaxes someone who has been asked to leave BACK INTO the place she was asked to leave from? And she LISTENED??? Lol. "Uncourth, defense AND STUPID"

"WHERE IS YOUR INCOME, ROACH??? You laid on your back to get the two dollars you DO get. I BEEN had jobs while you turn tricks yo pay YOUR MAMA's rent. Don't. Come. For. Me. You won't win."

"Just dumb. She let these girls hand her," she tweeted.

"Smh. Don't let production make you look DUMBER than you already look coming back into my house. Have some self respect."

"Side note: had we been anywhere else in the entire world, I would have removed myself from this situation before I got to level 100. But I was in my house," she continued. "I'm not going anywhere."

"It was at that time that Ashley needed to employ whatever home training and common sense she may have picked up off  the street and used it to cart herself on out of my house. She chose otherwise."

"Girl, you know this mess is true. Address these facts on the curb where his fast ass found you and get out."

"I would love for you to pop me with that forever 21 bag you bought with your concubine allowance so I can bust you upside your raggedy head for provoking me. I HAVE TIME, BED WENCH."

She continued: "Had to beg this same man for a baby, which he told her ON CAMERA that he did not want to have bc he didn't want the child to turn out like her own mother...this same mother who was living in a tent with a man when she could've been on Michael's payroll. AND  THIS IS JUST THE TIP."

"The shade writes it self!! That is some serious white privilege that you think that you can come in my home and say anything about my life when your WHOLE EXISTENCE is a dumpster fire. Gtfoh"

"So now we've gone from, "He didn't sat that" to "i don't think he said that." Pay attention."            

"She continued: These girls aren't your friends. The gag: they don't even like you, sis."

"How is repeating what came out of YOUR husbands mouth "backstabbing?" she tweeted. "Make it sense."

"A backstab would've been knowing that your husband is purporting infidelity and NOT saying anything to you."

"Michael is looking like a manipulator. Of course he's going to help you to pull the wool over your eyes about the inappropriate sh*t that comes out of his mouth."

She added: CANDIACE DIDNT USE NOTHIN against u but my butterknife to get your intruding ass to VACATE my home after you were asked to leave. The pivot is real. I wasn't the one singing&dancing around the table talmbout "I'm going to bring it up!" THATS YOUR FRIEND."

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Photo Credit: Bravo