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Candiace Dillard On Her Knife Fight With Ashley Darby: “I Made My Choices And I Stand By Them”

Candiace Dillard is opening up about her knife fight with co-star Ashley Darby courtesy via her Bravo blogThe Real Housewives of Potomac star also shares her thoughts on her sit-down with Monique Samuels.

Candiace starts off her blog discussing her sit-down with Monique Samuels over the comments made about Katie Rost. "Nothing surprises me anymore. But I can respect a friend who comes to me directly when they have a real issue with me. I can say that was one of the things I respected about my friendship with Monique – I thought we were pretty good about being honest and genuine with each other," she wrote. "On another note, what I was shocked by was that Monique would try to use my issues with my mother against me to make a point in an argument that has nothing to do with my mother...but then she wants to be mad about how I interpret her word vomit, but you can make interpretations about my personal life that I shared with you in trust and friendship? Sure."

Candiace also admits that she had hesitations about inviting the ladies over for dinner. "I had many hesitations about having all of these damn girls in our home for a dinner party. At that time, obviously Ashley and I were on horrific terms, Karen and Gizelle had not really spoken since New Orleans, Gizelle and Monique always have some unfounded, latent beef, and at any given moment some new drama can appear out of nowhere and plant roots right in the middle of my kitchen! It was a futile exercise in uncertainty. I chose to believe though that we could all emit our best and most positive energies and have common sense and courtesy for one evening. I was very wrong."

Cnadiance then sounds off about her knife fight with Ashley Darby. "I had at least expected that we would get through the first course before any rehashing begin to unfold. Again, I was wrong. I'm not mad at Ashley for broaching her issues as early as she did though. She got out of pocket and I didn't have to pretend like I wanted to sit there with her fake b.s. for an entire dinner," she wrote via her Bravo blog.

She continued: "Furthermore, to address my less than placid reaction to the intruder in my home, I will say this: had we been anywhere else in the world, I would have just gotten up and walked away from that exchange. It went left quickly and would have been better addressed later when I had not been drinking wine all evening and Forehead wasn't thirsting to pounce. I was in MY home."

She added: "Remember that. At no point in my existence will I EVER allow any person – let alone this ragamuffin – to run me out of ANY room where I pay (ALL OF THE) bills. Could I have reacted more calmly? Sure. But I made my choices and I stand by them."

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Photo Credit: Bravo