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Candiace Dillard And Monique Samuels Get Into A Feud On Twitter — Read Their Tweets Here!

Candiace Dillard and Monique Samuels feuded on Twitter while live tweeting during Sunday night's episode of The Real Housewives of Potomac. The the friends butted heads after Samuels voiced her concern about Dillard's behavior towards Ashley Darby, which didn't sit well with her and shared her thoughts on the social media platform.

Monique started the conversion on Twitter about her relationship with Dillard. "I love [Candiace]... we just don't agree at times and that's fine.'

After a fan pointed that that it seemed "bizarre" that Monique was defending Ashley, suggestion that there might be more to the story and perhaps some  was left on the "cutting room floor," Monique responded and agreed.

"Yea they left out the entire convo that led me to move forward. Besides that, if I don't agree with something, I don't agree. Doesn't matter who the other person is to me."

As for Candiace she started tweeting, responding to Monique's commentary. "Wow. Disgusting. I'm "gunning" for her?? She was in my home," she tweeted. "And was asked to leave. But I'm gunning for her?? WOW."

Monique responded quickly to Candiace: "I wasn't speaking about the one dinner at your house. You've been "gunning" the entire season hun. Don't act all innocent now."

She continued: "Oh and let's not forget that you wanted her to stay so that y'all could drop that bomb on her about her husband. You admitted that on the after show."

To which Candiace responded back: "Show me where I have put out lies, defamation of my friends character and perpetuation of more lies and defamation of character. You can’t. But you keep on licking that girls asshole for as long as it serves you."

She continued: "Says the fake mannequin poised for any opportunity to jump up and look like Mother Theresa. I have never claimed innocence, "hun." You keep on, though. She'll screw you again soon enough."

"I have never NOT accepted responsibility for my actions. What I'm asking of YOU, "friend" is to RESPECT The boundary that I am asking of as it relates to my situation with my mother," Dillard tweeted.

She continued: "I won't tell you the things that EYE know that I won't bring up because I know they are upsetting to certain people. Because I'm a real friend. Because I'm a loyal friend. But carry-on."

"...and you should warn people when you want to flip and flop and pop all up and down the highway with your faux Mother Theresa persona. But who's pointing fingers, eh?," Candiace tweeted.

Monique fired back, tweeting: "I been saying the same things!!!! How is that hypocritical?!"

"Sick and tired of being down for chicks that only want to be down for me when it's convenient for them," tweeted Monique.

After a fan called Monique out for loosing her cool on Candiace telling her she's going to drag her, Monique responded to the criticism."Let's be clear... that statement was made in reference to Candiace being in her own home and her own husband couldn't calm her down. I'm not excusing my actions. I am the first to admit that I blow up and I'm also woman enough to apologize and move forward because I'm human," she tweeted.

She added: "I’m not riding with you just because we’re friends. If you’re wrong you’re wrong. And don’t claim to try and fight my battles. Where was that energy last year when I was being thrown under the bus in nemacolin?! Don’t make my past issues your storyline. Get your own ✌🏽"

"Victimization is a disease. The only thing that’s revealing in these scenes is you co-signing bullshit with a girl who YOU DONT EVEN LIKE," Dillard tweeted. "Yet you’re using me to climb up the ladder to a person who will betray you in .2 seconds."

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Photo Credit: Bravo