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Camille Grammer Reportedly Wants To Return To RHOBH As A Full-Time Cast Member Next Season!

Camille Grammer Meyer wants to return to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills next season as a full-time cast member. “Camille Grammer is hopeful that she can get a diamond again next year,” a source revealed to HollywoodLife.

“She feels she brings a lot to the show and she views it as a serious job which is why she speaks her mind the way she does,” the source continued.

“She really wants to work and be full-time. She knows the other women get frustrated with her, but she doesn’t care. She feels she’s speaking up for what is right. She doesn’t like how a lot of them treated her this year.”

“The rest of the cast thinks Camille brought the extra drama solely to secure her role for next season,” the source added.

Camille appeared in Season 1 and 2 as a full-time cast member. In Season 3, she returned to the series in a reduced role as the official "friend." Camille made guest appearances from Season 4 to Season 7. Grammer returned as the official "friend" in Seasons 8 and 9.

Would you like to see Camille back on the show as a full-time housewife? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo