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Camille Grammer Calls Out Her RHOBH Co-Stars; Claims They Are Mad At Her For “Not Falling In Line With Their Vendetta Against LVP”

Camille Grammer recently took to Twitter to call out her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars amid feud with Lisa Vanderpump. Grammer slammed her co-stars and claims that they are upset with her for "not falling in line with their vendetta against LVP."

"What's missing in this group #rhobh is the essence of true friendship. You don't kick someone when their down," she tweeted. "You don't hold them accountable because there are struggle with their personal turmoil."

"They were holding me accountable for petty slights at a time I was going through grave hardships," she wrote.

She continued: "They were mad at me for not falling in line with their Vendetta against LVP."

She added: "It's a contrived vendetta when Dorit was responsible for the dog. I don't know why she is playing the victim and the coven is going along with it."

Photo Credit: Bravo