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Billie Lee Says Lisa Vanderpump Seems ‘Lighter’ After Quitting RHOBH And Sounds Off On Jax Taylor And Brittany Cartwright’s Wedding!

Billie Lee sounds off on not being invited to her Vanderpump Rules co-star's Jax Taylor and Brittany Cartwright's wedding, which took place last week. During a recent interview, the SUR hostess explains why she didn't "miss out" from attending their nuptials.

“It’s happening right now and it’s World Pride for me in New York. And last night I was at the legacy dinner for Out magazine and it was just such a beautiful moment looking around and seeing all these powerful people in the LGBTQ community and then also being on the rooftop at the Standard with my trans sisters,” she told Life & Style Magazine about what she’d be doing while her costars partied away in Kentucky at a wedding she wasn’t invited to.

“And we just have come so far and we work so hard to be visible and to be there for each other,” she continued. “And I am so not feeling like I’m missing out whatsoever with the wedding.”

“I think Jax is a very negative person. I don’t think he has an open mind or an open heart,” she revealed. “I wish the best for him and Brittany, but for me, he’s very close minded so I wouldn’t want to be in Kentucky hanging out with some close-minded people when I have all these beautiful, open-minded, colorful people in my life.”

Lee also admits that she's not pleased with her co-stars and their willingness to be educated on how to positively affect the trans community — or even what sexual orientation truly means.

“I think he tweeted, ‘I invited every gay person but Billie Lee’ and it’s like, I’m not gay. For him to not know the difference between gender identity and sexual orientation, it’s really frustrating for me,” she said of Jax. “And to be honest, when I first joined the show, GLAAD and I asked for them all to do a media training and not one person accepted the offer. And it just shows that like, clearly he needs some education.”

Billie Lee also revealed how her SUR boss Lisa Vanderpump is doing since quitting RHOBH. “I saw her recently at Tom Tom and she is, this was before her mother passed away, but she just seems like a lighter person. I’m so happy for her leaving the Real Housewives,” she told Life & Style Magazine.

“She needs time to mourn her brother and now her mom. She needs time for herself,” Lee continued. “She’s a busy woman and every time I would see her, she was rushing off somewhere. She’s stressed out and I can just tell that she just was holding a lot in.”

“I know what it feels like for everyone to beat you up and I felt like that happened to her this season on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. And I just want her to be in a safe place. I want her to really heal. I think that’s most important,” Billie explained. “I’m proud that she’s saying no and taking time. Sometimes the most powerful thing we can do is say no… I’m always sending her love. I’m always texting her, but I can definitely tell she’s lighter.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images, Bravo