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Billie Lee Reportedly Quits Vanderpump Rules After Only Two Seasons!

According to a new report, Billie Lee has quit Vanderpump Rules after just two seasons. “Billie Lee has had a really hard time with the disrespect and negative thoughts overall from the show and from certain co-stars,” a source told Radar Online.

“She is sick of the bullies and the backlash that she’s gotten on social media. She is ready to do her own thing now, and is trying to pitch her own show. She doesn’t need any of that drama anymore.”

Despite clashing with most of her co-stars, the source adds that Lisa Vanderpump would always welcome her back on the show.

“Lisa has encouraged Billie to stay and to keep growing. Lisa is so proud of her and what she stands for,” the insider told Radar Online. “She is always welcome back on Vanderpump Rules.”

Just last week, Lee addressed Jax Taylor's tweet where he claimed that she no longer working at SUR and that she will no longer be appearing on new season of the Bravo hit reality series. The actress and trans activist gave an update on her future on the hit reality show.

“Honestly, I feel like there’s a little truth to it only because I have amazing opportunities happening with me right now,” she told Life & Style. “And, also, I’m just needed in the trans community as an activist. So I’m not filming as much.”

“I am still part of the show. I just hosted brunch with Billie at SUR. But honestly, it’s not my priority. SUR is not my priority anymore,” Billie explained about moving on from the restaurant. “And that’s just because I am focused on my community and I have amazing opportunities coming my way and a lot of those opportunities have just pulled me a different direction.”

“But, as of right now, I’m still there and as of right now, I’m still filming,” Lee said.

The news comes after Jax claimed that Billie was no longer working at SUR. Lee's future on the show was in question after he responded to a fan after revealing that he and his now-wife Brittany Cartwright had decided not to invite Lee to their Kentucky nuptials on June 29.

He’d tweeted previously he “invited every gay person except Billie,” to which a fan responded telling him that she wasn’t gay.

“That’s great, me not inviting her has nothing to do with her sexuality. We are not friends,” Jax responded to the fan on June 13 in a now deleted tweet. “She’s no longer working at [SUR] and no longer on our show. I’ve spoken to her maybe 4 times personally in my life. I wish the best for her in her future.”

Photo Credit: Bravo