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Billie Lee Opens Up About Quitting Vanderpump Rules And Reveals How Supportive Lisa Vanderpump Has Been About Her Decision!

Last week, Billie Lee announced that she had quit her job at SUR and Vanderpump Rules. Now, the Trans activist is opening up about her departure from the Bravo hit reality series and explains how supportive Lisa Vanderpump has been abut her decision.

“The drama is very intense and I think you know, personally, I felt massive triggers that brought up a lot for me and I felt like I was back in high school with the way that I was bullied,” Billie told HollywoodLife.

“So, it was really difficult for me,” she continued. “It brought up a lot of things like suicidal thoughts again and I was just in a really bad place and I don’t think, you know, any job is worth that.” Billie added, “At the end of the day, if I make you uncomfortable, I’m there to make you uncomfortable for a reason and that’s because you’re having negative thoughts and you need to open your mind and your heart and learn from those experiences versus just shutting the person out.  It’s a challenge. It’s something I deal with all the time and I’m really excited for amazing things that are happening and I’ve just been working on myself, really.”

Billie also reveals how Lisa Vanderpump has been supportive. “We’ve had many conversations and she‘s a part of other projects that I’m working on,” Billie told HollywoodLife. ” I love her, she‘s amazing. Her and I, there’s just like mutual love there and I respect her for not going back to [The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills]. At the end of the day, you just really have to take care of yourself.” Billie continued, “She‘s always helped guided me, like in my career, from the get go she‘s helped me. Even today, dealing with the cast and being bullied while filming she still helps me. She is always helping me. She‘s like my number one.”

Billie hopes to inspire and educate others about the Trans and LGBTQ community. “I’m part of Equality California and so I’m on the board of advisors and we really work hard just making sure at securing our rights as [trans people], and including all of [the LGBTQ+ community,” Billie concluded. “I just joined GLSEN, and GLSEN works with school organizations and to educate teachers, so that way we can build safe places for LGBTQ kids.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images