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Ashley Darby Opens Up About Her Explosive Fight With Candiace Dillard And Admits She Was “Really Taken Aback” By Robyn Dixon’s Comments!

Ashley Darby is opening up about her heated confrontation with co-star Candiace Dillard courtesy via her Bravo blogThe Real Housewives of Potomac star also reveals that she was "taken aback" by Robyn Dixon's comments about her husband Michael.

"First and foremost, I went to the dinner out of pure curiosity. Candiace had been so nasty and derogatory about how my husband and I were dealing with our miscarriage, so my attendance was more so to get this out in the open. When I made the innocuous (yet very accurate) statement about the generosity of Mrs. Dorothy allowing us to dine in her home, it obviously struck a nerve with Candiace who proceeded to act like a petulant child," she wrote.

"When I was in college, I worked with a bipolar six year old in a program for troubled children. While we were reading, she started having an episode and I asked her to sit down. She picked up a pair of scissors and tried to stab me in the neck. This situation was reminiscent of that time, except now I was dealing with a "woman" in her 30s. I knew Candiace would never do really anything with that butter knife, but the initial instinct was to pounce on her for my own safety."

She continued: "It took restraint and reminding myself who I am to not engage any further with her during her manic moment. Chris instinctively put Candiace in time out, and it seemed so natural to him. They have probably had instances like that in the past. I don't expect much in the way of maturity from Candiace these days, but this was even low and classless for her."

Ashley also reacts to the comments made by Robyn Dixon. "Where I was really taken aback was when Robyn broached the topic of what Michael allegedly said at L2 during my uncle's birthday party. First, Robyn, Chris, and Candiace were obliterated from drinking multiple shots of whiskey toward the end of the night. Then, they can't agree on what they supposedly heard. How was Michael talking to Chris, who heard one thing, yet Robyn and Candiace claim Michael said something different? And if it was so alarming, why didn't Robyn address the comment that night? It seems to me that she would have had no problem saying, "Hey Ashley, did you know Michael said..." since Robyn famously keeps it real."

She added: "From the sounds of it, this idea was planted by one of these individuals and it festered amongst their little group. It was quite sad actually. Perhaps Robyn is still carrying some resentment toward me for our past tensions, but I really thought better of our friendship than this. My mistake."

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Photo Credit: Bravo