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Andy Cohen Reveals If Vanderpump Rules Is Getting A Spin-Off Show In Lisa Vanderpump’s New Restaurant In Las Vegas!

While Lisa Vanderpump has hinted that she may in fact be getting a second Bravo spin-off after opening up the Vanderpump Cocktail Garden in Las Vegas recently. Andy Cohen reveals that a Vanderpump Rules spin-off series is not a guarantee.

“It’s not a show that you can just turn cameras on in a new place,” Cohen told Page Six. “Lindsay Lohan tried to do it with the Lohan beach thing. There also needs to be some rooting interest of why all these people are there together.”

The Real Housewives executive producer said Vanderpump was so convincing when pitching the series because of all the “history that was there between the people at Sur.”

“I think what makes ‘Vanderpump Rules’ work is that those people have known each other for years and Lisa has known them for so many years,” Cohen added.

Cohen reminded viewers that he is no longer in charge of programming at Bravo and the network has not announced any plans for an official spin-off - yet.

Photo Credit: Bravo