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Andy Cohen And Lisa Vanderpump Shut Down RHOBH Fan Theory About PuppyGate Drama!

Andy Cohen and Lisa Vanderpump are shutting down recent claims that a producer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills was the one who allegedly leaked the puppygate drama to Radar Online which was the storyline for the first half of the show's ninth season.

Cohen answered a tweet from a fan who shared a screenshot a theory that was taken from Reddit, which claimed that a producer was the person behind leaking the puppygate story to Radar Online.

“Possibly the dumbest theory… ironically involving one of LVP’s biggest champions,” Cohen replied on July 18.

The theory in question claims that Alex, the producer, allegedly leaked the story. “All the women were supposed to have their own storylines this time, but [Alex] felt he owed Kyle a favor because she and Kim [Richards] came on to [The Real Housewives] instead of another network,” the Reddit user claimed, adding, “The season wasn’t supposed to be about puppy gate at all, but Teddi [Mellencamp] couldn’t stand Dorit [Kemsley] and wouldn’t let it go. The women had made a pact not to bring up each other’s lawsuits, so they jumped on the puppy gate story!!”

Another fan question track record and claims that perhaps that theory in question may be true, but Lisa Vanderpump chimed in and like Andy, shut down the claim.

“I don't believe that to be true either, for the record,” Lisa tweeted.

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Photo Credit: Bravo