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Yvonne Dederick Shares Ten Things She She ‘Doesn't Care About’ And Ten Things She ‘Loves’!

Yvonne Dederick, star of The Real Housewives of Hungary or also known as Feleségek Luxuskivitelben has taken to Instagram to share her "Top 10" she loves and dislikes in general. So what are they? Find out after the jump!

So what are the 10 things that Yvonne doesn't care?
1. Negative thinking
2. Lack of determination
3. Lack of courage
4. Perfect people
5. Doing anything half way
6. Opinions borne of fear
7. Inertia
8. Bad jokes
9. Bad will
10.Bad food

On a more positive note, Yvonne also shares the Top 10 things she loves, which are:

1. Getting caught in a summer rain while running
2. Holding hands in a crowd
3. Recalling the smell of my babies’ skin
4. Listening to Simple Days by Mardoll
5. Smelling at Sunday lunch time fried chicken in Hungarian apartment buildings
6. Being really sore after a workout
7. Taking a long lavender bubble bath after a hard day
8 . Having breakfast in bed on lazy mornings with dirty dishes in the sink
9. Covering my son with a soft fluffy blanket
10. Forgetting to take a photo for an Instagram post

What are some your Top 10 likes and dislikes? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: VIASAT3