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Tinsley Mortimer Will Return To The Real Housewives Of New York City Next Season, Despite Reports!

There's been so much speculation about Tinsley Mortimer's future on The Real Housewives of New York City, but according to The Daily Mail, the socialite will return to the Bravo hit reality seines for the show's upcoming twelfth season.

A source close to Mortimer, claims the rumors about her being in ‘survival mode’ or on the verge of being cut is nothing more but ‘fake news’ put out by ‘delusional’ fellow cast member.

"This is fake news created by another Housewife who is desperate to be on the show next season and is so delusional that she feels pushing a false narrative in the press will result in it coming true," a source told The Daily Mail. "Tinsley is the youngest cast member and one that the core audience demographic relates well to."

"Therefore, from a business perspective, she is a big asset to the show and very well-liked by producers and crew. Producers love Tinsley because she is easy to work with, doesn’t make diva demands, and is game for anything."

The publication claims that unlike some of Mortimer's co-stars who demand big paychecks and a long list of demands such as hair and makeup, wardrobe and assistants to be paid for as part of their contracts. "Tinsley is a saint in comparison," the source continued.

"The cast members who are really on the chopping block are those who have gotten too big for their britches and have delusions of grandeur that have caused them to lose touch with reality."

"Tinsley has a five year contract with two years left. As far as the others are concerned, many of their contracts are up and on a season to season basis. Tinsley's not going anywhere."

The news comes after Page Six reported has Mortimer has been trying to enlist top socialites to join the Bravo hit reality show and save her role.

“She’s in survival mode, running around trying to get big prestigious names” to join her on the Bravo show, a source said. “She’s trying to make herself look better. But her society friends want nothing to do with it. They view the show as a toxic car crash — though they all watch it with their friends. ”

 “She’d hoped to get a bigger name on the show. She was scouring for women and struck out with some very important ­people.”

Another insider added: “Tinsley is not going to make it next [season]. No one has spoken to her since filming stopped. She’s too scripted and doesn’t offer a lot. They’re still editing the ­reunion . . . so it kind of depends on how the audience engages with that, but it’s not likely.”

A source close to Mortimer insisted any bad buzz is all a “Housewife” hit job. “There’s a ‘Housewife’ that’s trying to have her not come back, and thinks she has power within the media to create this media storm,” the friend told Page Six. “They’re spreading lies. It’s typical ‘Housewife’ drama. Tinsley not coming back — is not true.”

Another insider added: “This is completely made up, none of this is factual and sounds like a desperate attempt for someone to create their own narrative about Tinsley. The fact of the matter is every season there is speculation of who is coming back or not . . . So, at this point it is all silly gossip ultimately stirring up buzz for the next season.”

However, a new source confirmed to Us Weekly that Moritmer has not been fired from the series, despite recent reports and will film Season 12.

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Photo Credit: Bravo