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Sources Say RHONJ Season 10 Will Be “The Best In The Show’s History By Far”

According to sources, the upcoming tenth season of The Real Housewives of New Jersey will be "the best" in series history. “The upcoming season of RHONJ is the best in the show’s history by far. The drama and the fighting is insane,” the source told HollywoodLife.

“Teresa Giudice lays low, however, a lot of the fighting the ladies do surrounds her and her friendship with Danielle [Staub]. Teresa is really mellow actually and is pretty Switzerland this season. She gets along with everyone except Jackie [Goldschneider]. They will just never get along. Teresa’s life is quite dramatic right now without the other ladies, so it’s a lot of what her family is dealing with and her life as a single mom right now and the girls dealing with Joe [Giudice] while he’s away.”

As previously reported, one of the biggest beefs this new season is between Melissa Gorga and Jennifer Aydin, who were spotted in heated argument last month during the cast trip in the Hamptons.

“The fight with Melissa and Jennifer is so bad that those two are having trouble even being in the same room together,” the source admitted. “Those close to them feel that they will never be friends again after how out of control that fight got. Melissa has tried to not get involved in Teresa’s friendship with Danielle since Teresa and Melissa are finally in a good place, but she just doesn’t get how she could be friends with her and Jennifer feels Melissa needs to mind her own business. Though Danielle comes up a lot in conversation, she hasn’t filmed that much this season. Teresa and Jennifer are the only ones who are friendly with Danielle. Teresa has asked everyone to stay out of her business and friendships as she truly doesn’t want to fight with anyone with everything going on in her life. She’s made it clear she just needs love and support and doesn’t have time for that stuff.”

Apparently, Melissa is also feuding with Staub for defensing Margaret Josephs. “Melissa and Danielle get into it as Melissa defended Margaret over her fight with Danielle,” the source told HollywoodLife. “Margaret and Melissa go really hard on Danielle and just don’t understand why she keeps coming around. Margaret and her husband Joe have been hanging out a lot with Marty, Danielle’s ex, but they did truly develop a friendship when they were friends with Danielle. However, Margaret knows how much it bothers Danielle so of course she’s going to rub it in a bit.”

The fights have gotten so intense that the group has been divided. “It’s honestly the best season of RHONJ to date,” the source promised. “The fights are real and the cast is a bit divided at the moment. They’re all fighting like crazy and it’s very much Melissa, Margaret and Jackie versus Teresa and Jennifer with Danielle being the reason behind a lot of the fighting. The finale filmed last week with all of the ladies as despite those who don’t get along, they’re all professionals and know when and how to show up.”

Are you guys excited for the new season of RHONJ?

Photo Credit: Bravo