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Lisa Vanderpump Opens Up About Leaving RHOBH And Denies She’s Moving Vanderpump Rules To A Different Network!

Lisa Vanderpump is explaining why she decided to walk way from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills after nine seasons.  “It’s a poignant moment for me, having been through the demise of ‘Housewives.’ Just to be here tonight is a feel-good factor, she told ExtraTV, where she received the Legacy Award at Thursday night’s 7th annual "Real to Reel: Portrayals and Perceptions of LGBTs in Hollywood" event.

“The last year was a very negative year for me. I feel like we’re moving forward. They have had their resolution. I just had a horrible time with the show and the women. It was a very sad time in my life and it wasn’t made any better. I just decided to walk away.”

In a separate interview at the same event, LVP  shared more details as to why she decided to quit the Bravo hit reality series. “I made the decision to leave. It was a very difficult year for me, personally and professionally. I had wonderful things happen this year, opening up and TomTom and the cocktail garden in Vegas. The Housewives, it’s just, it’s emotionally too difficult to deal with,” she told Us Weekly.

Meanwhile, Entertainment Tonight has reported that Vanderpump has no plans to return to RHOBH.

Lisa also addresses rumors that she was moving Vanderpump Rules to another network after quitting RHOBH. “The show was born on Bravo... That’s going to stay on Bravo,” she told ExtraTV.

Vanderpump called out Radar Online on Twitter a few days ago after the outlet claimed that she was considering moving the Bravo hit reality series to another network after announcing that she was not attending the Season 9 reunion taping and that she quit the series after nine seasons.

 “Noooo not true! More BS made up by those sweet peeps at [Radar Online].”

She added: “No radar, I did not say that, so please DO NOT write it as it's not true.”

Photo Credit: Bravo