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Jim Marchese Calls Out Andy Cohen And Lance Bass’ Husband Michael Turchin On Twitter Son’s College Scandal; Michael Fires Back — Read Their Tweets Here!

Jim Marchese took to Twitter to slam Andy Cohen and LanceBass’ husband Michael Turchin. The husband of former Real Housewives of New Jersey star Amber Marchese responded to Cohen's recent diss and exchanged in a Twitter feud with Turchin.

James fired back at Cohen after the Watch What Happens Live host responded to an article about him allegedly refusing to pay for son's college tuition because he's gay. "I wish I could say I was surprised. Pathetic," Cohen tweeted about the allegations.

Jim fired back at Cohen and wrote; "Andy you are single for a reason. Paid for a baby, your last person to comment on me keep, exploiting & abusing women #pathetic #rhonj #marriagebootcamp"

Marchese also came for Lance Bass' husband for sharing DM exchange with Amber on social media.

Notice: Some of James' tweets and offensive and explicit. Continue to read below!

"Typical! This complete p*ssy attacked my wife, who is the boys step mother (and did nothing) Typical #liberal #coward @michaelturchin is mentally ill Bulling women to get his rocks off," Jim tweeted. "Another example of HATE published for fame as the is unable to deal with his pathetic life."

"Turchin clapped back; "and I "bullied" your wife how exactly? By repeating the literal words she wrote to me? Nah try again.

Marchese responded to Turchin; "Attack Amber in a DM for my tweet & go public. #famewhore Just be thankful you don't live near me bitch. #RHONJ is fake. So don't expect a sweatervest, Ill give you a lesson leaned in the Bronx & take your hand out of your pants when you tweet, it's obvious you need attention.

Turchin replied; "You've clearly not read the multiple tweets I just sent you lol. Oh and I screenshot you blocking me yesterday so I can post that too if you'd like little guy."

James fired back: "Too funny. I out weight you by 30 pounds & would destroy in a weight room... you skinny little pussy. Keep talking maybe you get attention and be more than a c*m dumpster for"

"And what exactly does "bent with your face hurried in" mean?? You're use of the English language is just as bad as your wife's I see," Michael tweeted.

In which Jim replied: "God your stupid... I was hoping youdy ask it means: Bend over with your face pushed in the sheets so you even can wipe their d**k off and hurry out before hearing your bitch voice...lololol. #stupidass"

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Michael then took to Instagram and shared more screenshots of their Twitter feud exchanges with the caption; "LADIES AND GENTLEMAN—I’m sure you all saw my post yesterday regarding @amber_marchese and her vile husband Jim. Well today Jim finally unblocked me after originally calling me a pussy whos trying to gain attention from his and his wife’s fame (I mean REALLY?!) and proceeded to go on a giant revolting homophobic rant about me publicly on twitter during Pride month of all times. This may be petty on my behalf but I don’t care at all. People like this who have a platform need to be held accountable for their words and actions and that’s exactly what I’m doing here. It’s so sad that I’m 2019 we still have to deal with grown 50yo fathers speaking this way about gay people as if it’s acceptable rhetoric. NOT TODAY SATAN," he wrote.

Swipe the Instagram post above to view the rest of the tweets. Warning some tweets are explicit.

Photo Credit: Getty Images