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Dennis McKinley Reportedly Still Filming Season 12 Of RHOA Despite Split From Porsha Williams!

Looks like we will be seeing a lot of Porsha Williams' relationship with her ex-fiance Dennis McKinley in the upcoming new season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. According to a new report, the former couple, who called it quits last week are on good terms.

“He was at their home last week with cameras and the baby,” a source told Radar Online. “They are still co-parenting.”

The insider added that Porsha hasn’t been spotted with her massive engagement ring.

“They have called off the engagement and don’t plan on getting married,” the source said. “But he’s around the house with the baby all the time.”

Last week, E! News reported that Williams and McKinley have called it quits— three months after welcoming their daughter, Pilar Jhena and eight months after getting engaged.

A family member told Us Weekly that “There is a tiny, tiny, tiny chance they would get back together,” said the relative. “[But] likely no.”

Fans began to speculate that something was off between the couple after Williams had unfollowed McKinley for a second time this week, according to Us Weekly.

Earlier this month, Williams appeared at the American Black Film Festival in Miami where she explained to those in attendance at the event as to why she’s taking her time addressing trouble in her relationship with McKinley.

“I’m pretty much doing everything in my own time. Not that there’s anything I’m trying to hide or run away from, but if you love someone and you make a mistake or he makes a mistake or whatever’s going on, you gotta make sure that y’all are good at the end of the day,” Williams explained, according to Essence.

“I am on a reality television show and I do pride myself on being transparent on the show,” Williams continued, “but at the same time I’m human and when you’re talking about family, something that you want for a lifetime, you have to protect it.”

Williams went on to explain that despite the rumors, she’ll always love her fiancé because he’s the father of her daughter.

“What I will always do is make sure I protect family,” she said. “He will always be my daughter’s father and I will absolutely love him forever. We absolutely go through our ups and downs together. And I still thank God for the blessing I claimed a year ago.”

She added, “There are still be things in any of us that aren’t perfect, that we have to deal with as a family. But overall I am still thankful to God and I know he is holding both of our hands as long as we stay in prayer.”

As previously reported, McKinley denied claims that he was unfaithful to the mother of his daughter. Rumors circulated after YouTuber Latasha Kebe accused McKinley of cheating on Williams with WAGS Atlanta star Sincerely Ward in a series of videos, which McKinley has denied the allegations, according to Us Weekly.

“These false and slanderous allegations against me are made solely to damage my reputation, jeopardize my ongoing businesses, and negatively impact my family,” he said. “My attempts to ignore this slander have only empowered Latasha Kebe (aka Tasha K.) to create more false accusations. I am currently taking legal action — and am currently being represented by Michael T. Sterling of Dreyer Sterling, LLC.”

McKinley’s lawyer added, “Our firm represents our clients diligently and we handle legal matters through the appropriate mechanisms and channels, not on social media platforms. We represent Mr. McKinley and other victims of the cyber bullying perpetrated by the individual in question. We will vigorously investigate these matters and take the appropriate legal measures on their behalf.”

As for Ward, she also denied the accusations that she had an affair with McKinley, denying that she has even McKinley.

“I really have no clue where this came from. It’s bizarre, I’ve never met Dennis,” she told E! News. “In Atlanta, it’s easy to have 6-degrees of separation [but] to my knowledge, I don’t even know if we’ve even been in the same room together.”

The news comes after split rumors sparks after Williams, her sister and mother unfollowed Dennis on Instagram. Moments later, Williams shared a cryptic message with her followers on Friday, May 24. “Not gonna worry tonight. God had it LAST time. God has it THIS time,” the quote read.

Porsha's co-stars including Marlo Hampton and Shamea Mwangi would comment with three prayer emoji's.

Williams and McKinley went public with their relationship back in June 2018. They got engaged in October and welcomed their first child, daughter Pilar Jhena in March. Bravo gave Williams and McKinley their own three-episode baby show called, Porsha's Having A Baby.

Photo Credit: Bravo