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Danielle Staub And Her Fiancé Oliver Maier File For Temporary Restraining Order Against His Ex-Girlfriend!

Danielle Staub and her new fiancé have been receiving death threats, a new restraining order claims. The Real Housewives of New Jersey star's Oliver Maier, filed a restraining order against his ex-girlfriend Gina Curko in Englewood, New Jersey, on Tuesday, reports Page Six.

Maier claimed that Curko threatened to kill the couple, with the insider noting that Curko has been trying to get back together with Maier.

Staub is included in the temporary order, meaning that Curko cannot communicate with or go near her or Maier.

The trio is due to appear in court on Tuesday, June 25 to determine if the order will be made permanent, reports the publication.

A source close to Staub and Maier that Curko has been attempting to get back together with Maier and has been verbally harassing both of them. But a Curko insider denies that.

“It’s all lies,” the source told PEOPLE. “Oliver has been the one trying to get back with Gina, not the other way around. She’s happily reconciled with her husband. Danielle is just trying to staying relevant and on the show and trying to cling on to this relationship.”

“She and Oliver have been the ones harassing Gina, not the other way around,” the source adds.

Photo Credit: Google Images