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The Real Reason Why Porsha Williams Unfollowed Her Fiancé Dennis McKinley On Instagram Revealed; They “Had A Disagreement About Parenting And Finances,” Sources Say!

As previously reported, Porsha Williams sparked split rumors after The Real Housewives of Atlanta star unfollowed her fiancé Dennis McKinley on Instagram. Now, according to a new report, the real reason why Williams unfollowed mcKinley on the social media platform has been revealed.

Apparently the couple, who recently welcomed their first daughter Pilar had a big fight over money problems after she was hit with a $240,000 tax lien.

That's not all. It's been revealed that their big fight was filmed for the show's upcoming twelfth season of the Bravo hit reality series.

“Filming started on Tuesday, and Porsha’s drama with Dennis is going to unfold on camera,” an insider told Radar Online.

An insider revealed why Porsha was suddenly unfollowed Dennis on Instagram account and why both her sister and mother quit following him, too.

“Porsha and Dennis had a disagreement about parenting and finances,” the insider revealed. “They are not on the same page when it comes to spending money,” the source continued. “Dennis’ mom got involved, and was very vulgar about it,” the source explained.

The tax lien was a big problem for Dennis, the source revealed. “He told Porsha her spending was out of control and she needed to worry about paying her taxes!”

“All hell broke loose when Dennis told his mom that Porsha is controlling,” the source added. “RHOA started filming the day after Memorial Day and Porsha’s drama with Dennis was going to be a big storyline for the season,” the insider told Radar Online.

Photo Credit: Bravo