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RHOCheshire Star Tanya Bardsley Opens Up About Her Feud With Hanna Miraftab And Her Reconciliation With Dawn Ward!

Tanya Bardsley is opening up about her ongoing feud with Real Housewives of Cheshire co-star Hanna Miraftab. The two have been feuding since last season, and Bardsley feels like Miraftab  “has it in for her.”

“She did an interview about me and so I just stay out of that,” Tanya told new! Magazine via OK! UK. “I don’t want to be friends with someone like that.”

“I didn’t see it, but I’ve been told about it. We should all stick together. I can’t see us being friends any time soon.”

She continued: “I just don’t know [why we clash]. I think we’re all strong women and we’ve all got hormones, which get in the way sometimes.”

When asked if she feels like Hannah has it in for her, she replied: “Yeah, since the beginning.”

Bardlsey then gave an update on her relationship with Dawn Ward. As you may recall, the two ended their three year feud during the current season of the ITVBe hit reality series.

“It’s still touch and go, but I’m so happy. It’s not nice arguing,” she explained. “Both of us wanted to [sort it out], but then people would meddle in it and start drama.”

“It just never happened. Hopefully, this time we can stay friends.”

Photo Credit: ITVBe