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Real Housewives Of Sydney Star Matty Samaei Splits From Her Fiancé Michael Stathakis!

According to the Herald Sun, Real Housewives of Sydney star Matty Samaei has "quietly split" from her fiancé Michael Sathakis after a five-year relationship.

The publication claims that the couple called it quits back in January and "are no longer living together at their Bellevue Hill home."

According to a source close to the former couple, things had turned "pear shaped" yet were allegedly working towards reconciling, reports The Daily Mail Australia.

Matty reportedly discussed the possibility of getting married on the now cancelled RHOS, saying she wanted her wedding to be "gold with lots of bling!"

As previously reported, Foxtel's executive director of television Brian Walsh officially confirmed to TV Tonight that The Real Housewives of Sydney was not returning for a second season.

“Sydney won’t happen again. Once bitten twice shy,” he said.

In September 2018, Woman's Day Magazine revealed that the show had been axed.

The series was rejected by U.S. network Bravo for being too extreme - this was the first time a Real Housewives franchise was not immediately picked up for syndication.

If you recall, the fate of the show was in question after Bravo decided not to commission the show for being "too extreme" for American viewers, in which Foxtel's head of television Brian Walsh revealed that he was concerned about the cast, hinting changes would have be made to the housewives line up.

"A lot of the women in this show were nasty for nasty’s sake and have no redeeming features," he said. "I particularly felt Lisa Oldfield and AthenaX Levendi were driving their own agendas."

Brian said he would be steering changes in the second series to make sure the women were better behaved and more friendly towards each other.

"I’ve raised my concerns with the production team from this season. I felt the bad language and behavior throughout the series did go too far," he told The Daily Telegraph.

The show consisted of seven ladies: Athena X Levendi, Krissy Marsh, Lisa Oldfield, Matty Samaei, Melissa Tkautz, Nicole O'Neal and Victoria Rees.

While the series was not picked up by U.S. network Bravo for being "too extreme," the show found international success in New Zealand and the U.K.

Photo Credit: Foxtel, Vogue Australia