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Melissa Gorga Feuding With Teresa Giudice On RHONJ Season 10 Over Friendships With Danielle Staub And Jennifer Aydin?!

According to a new report, Melissa Gorga's relationship with her sister-in-law Teresa Giudice has been affected due to Gorga's recent explosive fight with Real Housewives of New Jersey co-star Jennifer Aydin.

“Teresa and Melissa will never fully see eye to eye. They’re in the best place they’ve been, but they will never be the best of friends. They tolerate one another because they’re family, but at the end of the day, they really don’t like each other that much,” a source close to the cast told HollywoodLife.

As previously reported, Gorga and Aydin got into a heated fight while they were celebrating Giudice's birthday at the Hamptons, which Bravo cameras captured for the show's upcoming tenth season.

The outlet claims that even though Teresa wasn’t involved in the feud herself, she’s not exactly happy about being stuck in the middle of Gorga and Aydin's beef.

“The big Hamptons blowout fight between Melissa and Jennifer brewed over Teresa, though Teresa was not involved in the fight itself,” our source said. “She really remained neutral and doesn’t want anyone fighting. It’s been really hard for Melissa and the other ladies to watch Teresa be friends with Danielle but honestly, Jennifer doesn’t see it as that big of a deal so they got into another heated argument over it.”

“Melissa and Jennifer haven’t spoken since the big fight and everyone’s not sure if they will. Right now, they both need some more time to calm down. Teresa would love to see everyone get along. She truly loves the fast friendship she has built and developed with Jennifer and considers her one of her best friends and she will always try to put her best foot forward with Melissa for the sake of her family. Her cast members feel like Danielle has her under a spell almost and Danielle is a trouble maker which is why they choose to keep their distance. Teresa would really just like to see everyone move on,” the insider revealed to HollywoodLife.