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Lisa Vanderpump And Kyle Richards Saw Each Other For The First Time Since PuppyGate Showdown; Kyle Says It Was ‘Extremely Awkward’

Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump have not spoken or seen each other since their big fight on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills over puppygate. However, the two former besties recently revealed that they ran into each other.

“I actually ran into Kyle the other day,” Vanderpump told Us Weekly. “It was OK.”

Kyle is also sharing details about reuniting with LVP. “I wasn’t going to say anything but since she already did — I saw her at the Chanel counter in Neiman Marcus,” Richards told Us Weekly. “I haven’t seen her for eight months. And I was just like, I said, ‘Hi, Lisa.’ She turned around and she looked like she saw a ghost. She took a double take and she said, ‘Oh, my God. Wow.’”

“We spoke for quite a bit,” she added. “Like she said, it was OK.”

RIchards added that the location wasn’t an ideal place for the interaction. “It was extremely awkward at Chanel in Neiman Marcus, let me tell you. It started getting very busy in there too.”

The two had a falling out over PuppyGate, Vanderpump and Richards hadn’t spoken since their explosive argument at Vanderpump’s home, which culminated in tLVP’s husband, Ken Todd, asking Richards to leave. If you recall, they were arguing over LVP's alleged role in leaking a story about Dorit Kemsley’s dog to the press.

While LVP has hinted that she is considering leaving the show, Richards hopes she decides to stay on the series.

“When we’re filming, and we’re going on these trips, I’m thinking, ‘Lisa should be here.’ We would be having fun and laughing,” she said. “I wish that [Lisa] had just confronted everybody and just removed herself. Because I think it would have blown over and we could have moved on. Nobody wanted it to drag out. I would love for Lisa to be more involved with us and just stay and talk to us.”

“We were even willing just to drop it make it easier, and move on, but she didn’t want to do that,” Richards continued. “So, at that point, you’re like, ‘OK. What can you do?’”

Kyle also revealed that she thinks that Vanderpump will attend the RHOBH reunion taping. “I don’t like to have negative feelings or energy with anybody. I don’t have any enemies. In fact I bumped into [former costar] Brandi Glanville recently and she was very nice to me. I was like, ‘I don’t have time for this in my life.’ And then people are like, ‘You’re a traitor, you spoke to Brandi. She followed you on Instagram and you followed her back.’ I’m like, ‘I am too old to be having these conversations about following people on Instagram.’ I’m sorry that I don’t hold a grudge. I cannot hold on to negative energy.”

Photo Credit: Bravo