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LeeAnne Locken Opens Up About Her Wedding To Rich Emberlin!

LeeAnne Locken is opening up about her Dallas wedding to husband Rich Emberlin. “I know what Cinderella felt like,” the Real Housewives of Dallas star told PEOPLE.

“The whole wedding was perfect. It couldn’t have been better. I’m smart enough to know perfection doesn’t exist, but if anything could attain perfection, that was it.”

“I’m very aware how imperfect Rich and I are; we both came from the land of misfit toys. But together, we were perfect and that day was perfect,” she adds.

Locken and Emberlin tied the knot at the Cathedral of Hope — the world’s largest inclusive church — in front of 400 guests made up of family, friends and some of Locken’s co-stars.

All cheered as Locken and Emberlin read their personalized vows in a 2 p.m. ceremony led by their close friend, the Reverend Dr. Neil G. Cazares Thomas, reports the publication.

“Love was bursting out of every pore of everyone in that church,” Locken says. “I could feel it radiating from the ceiling back down on us. This is what it feels like when an entire town comes out to celebrate. That was real love.”

“I didn’t want a traditional, stuffy wedding reception. I wanted a full-on party,” Locken told PEOPLE.

Waiting to get married for the first time was “worth every second,” Locken says. “It was worth waiting to do it right with the right man at the right time in the right place surrounded by the right people.”

“It was just such a happy day,” Locken reflects. “When I said I want to freeze this moment in time cause I knew I would never be happier, I wasn’t kidding. Every cell in my body was vibrating with excitement and joy.

“I’m so lucky,” she added. “I’m so in love with him. I just realized how genuinely blessed I was to be able to say ‘I do’ to him.”

Locken reveals that the whole wedding, in total, was worth 4.5 million.

Source/Photo Credit: PEOPLE, Peter Larsen/Bravo