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Lala Kent Is Working On Repairing Her Friendships With Vanderpump Rules Co-Stars Billie Lee, James Kennedy And Raquel Leviss!

This past season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent got in explosive fights in particular with her co-stars Billie Lee, James Kennedy and Raquel Leviss. However, it seems like now tensions with Kent have eased a bit since everyone faced off at the Season 7 reunion special.

"Lala's reached out. We're chatting, we're texting and hopefully gonna meet up for lunch maybe this coming week and catch up a little bit in person," James revealed to TooFab. "But yeah, we're definitely texting. If I saw her today, I'd say hi."

So where does Raquel and Lala stand at the moment?  "It's nice to see someone reflect on their actions and realize that everything that they said might not have been correct," Raquel added to TooFab.

It also seems like Kent is repairing her relationship with SUR hostess Billie Lee. "Lala and I are talking, we're texting. I have a deep love for her. It's hard for us because we're very similar because we like to attack, but she's been through a lot, and I get it. And you know, they only show some of the negative parts of her, too. It's how reality television is," Billie told TooFab. "But she's been there for me because I had some really dark times. So I have a lot of love for her, and I think that we have a great relationship in the future."

Source/Photo Credit: Bravo