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Jill Zarin Admits She Would Like To Return To RHONY As A ‘Friend’ And Claims Bethenny Frankel ‘Doesn’t Have Time’ For Her; Says ‘I’m Sad About That’

Jill Zarin is giving an update on her relationship with Bethenny Frankel. If you recall, the two made amends after Zarin lost her husband Bobby passed away. We saw the two of them reuniting at Bobby's funeral, which we all witnessed in Season 9 of The Real Housewives of New York City.

So where do they stand now? “It’s definitely better than it’s ever been since that whole thing happened, but she doesn’t have time for me, and I’m sad about that,” Jill told Jeff Lewis on his Radio Andy SiriusXM show on Thursday, May 30, according to Us Weekly. “But I understand it … I really do.”

Zarin also revealed that she would like to return to the Bravo hit reality series as an official friend role.

“What I bring now, is a very different Jill and I think that the fans want to see that,” she explained. “Every single day since I left the show I get tweets, comments … ‘Come back, when are you coming back?’ and I feel like an obligation to satisfy that to a certain extent.”

“I’m calmer, I try to think first and I try to not take things so personally. There were definitely roads that I took the wrong way throughout the whole thing where you could go left or right,” Jill continued. “I know that, maybe, I should haven shown up at her apartment when this whole thing went down and just said, ‘What are we fighting about, let’s just make up.’ I just let it fester. … I don’t have the ego I have.”

Jill also pointed out that Bethenny is “different” than when the show first started in 2008.

“Life has treated her in a strange way. It’s given her a lot of rewards, but it’s also punished her,” Jill said. “Its rewarded her financially, but…”

Lewis then interjected, “In the form of Jason Hoppy, I mean Jesus Christ. That’s, like, the worst divorce ever.”

“I would have never expected it to go on so long and so horrible,” Jill said, referring to Bethenny’s bitter custody battle with her ex-husband over their 9-year-old daughter, Bryn. “And the only victim there is the daughter.”

Despite of it all, Zarin concluded that Frankel looks “happy.”

“She’s got a guy in Boston, she got her own place,” she explained. “So she doesn’t have time for me. I’d like to think we could go back to where we were, but you can’t.”

Photo Credit: Bravo/Getty Images