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Is The Real Housewives Of Melbourne Really Returning To Foxtel For Season 5? Plus, The Real Reason Why Bravo Hasn't Aired Season 4 Finally Revealed!

There's so many rumors circulating over the past year surrounding the fate of The Real Housewives of Melbourne. Most recently, new reports surfaced this week claiming that the Foxtel hit reality show will return later this year while a different source is claiming otherwise.

According to LALATE, the series was to begin filming back in February 2019. However, the site claims that "production never began due to casting issues."

Apparently, Foxtel "was still accepting casting submissions for the new season just days ago."

According to LALATE, at least "1-2 cast members from last season are not coming back and 1-2 new cast members are likely to join the mix."

As to why the fourth season of RHOMelbourne has not aired in the U.S. on Bravo? The site claim that is was "an issue of money. Apparently, "BravoTV doesn’t traditionally license other’s programming, and in the cast of Real Housewives of Melbourne the financial arrangement over syndication rights seems to be the issue."

The site adds that a "a decision has not been made about its return to the US."

Meanwhile, over in Reddit, a user is claiming that he or she "went to a party and met a guy who works at Foxtel which is the cable station that owns Real Housewives of Melbourne. He let me know that basically due to the rise in Netflix, Foxtel has no money and cannot afford to produce Housewives anymore."

"He said the wives have been shopping it around and are trying to sell it to 9 Life (Another Australian TV station)," the user continued. "Also casting is all up in the air, he said that if it doesn't come back, he doubts all the wives will come back as most of them have moved in to other businesses."
Big shout out to @roccov54 for bringing this to our attention.

What are your thoughts? Do you want RHOMelbourne back? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Foxtel