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Gizelle Bryant Admits She's In Therapy And Shares New Details About Her Break Up With Sherman Douglas!

Gizelle Bryant is sharing new details about her break up with Sherman Douglas. If you recall, the Real Housewives of Potomac star and the former NBA player ended their relationship during the show's third season.

Now, the Bravo reality star is revealing that she's “happy” the two are “no longer.”

“He did some things that were not right, and we’ll see that [play out] this season,” she told ESSENCE. “Anytime you do something that’s not right, you gots to go.”

While Braynt admits that she's happily dating, she also confirms that she is going to therapy.

“I go to therapy, yes. I’m trying to figure out why I kick people to the curb and remove people from my life so quickly,” she revealed. “Obviously I’ve done some things wrong, and I just want to make Gizelle the best, greatest thing—per my tagline—that you’ve ever seen walking.”

Photo Credit: Bravo