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Dawn Ward Defends Herself After Backlash Over RHOCheshire Explosive Fight With Perla Navia And Seema Malhotra!

Dawn Ward took to Twitter to defend herself after getting negative backlash on social media following Monday night’s explosive episode of The Real Housewives of Cheshire.

Ward clapped back at fans of the show who slammed her behavior after seen fighting with co-stars Seema Malhotra and Perla Navia during Monday's episode of the ITVBe hit reality series.

"Seriously what does everyone want Song of praise!," Ward tweeted. "The Real Housewives of Cheshire, Warts and all. Relax it's a show that comes into out lives and shows you a bit. Not scripted at all but honestly stop with your negativity bully shit as you only know a bit and [none] of us are bad."

After a fan called her out for allegedly wanting to know Perla's "secret about her son," Ward clapped back. "Darling I already knew what was wrong with Perla please," she wrote. "Here to make a show then everyone can comment and have an opinion! I know the person I am so honestly don't waste your finger typing. Ask @SeemaUnique and all of them I'm black and white with a good heart and proud."

When the fan clapped back for how Ward handled herself against Seema and Perla, Dawn responded; "Ha ha and that's why you're taking your time to be negative to me when you actually don't know me ask @SeemaUnique if she likes me we've been friends for years lovely."

She continued: "You know what we've sorted and moved on all of us together! There's always dramer in Cheshire but that's what makes us real! I'm proud to be part of out group of wrong uns not a bad person between us."

When a fan praised Dawn for standing "up for what she believes in," she responded: "Thank you I will always be myself and try to be loyal even if sometimes I kick off too much it's all about moving on and that's what I do xx."

Dawn then clapped back at a fan after accusing her of having "absolutely vile behavior" and acting like "such a [spoiled] brat against her friends, Dawn replied; "Maybe it's because unlike you they don't only see the 47 mins instead of the 5 hours we filmed the next day me and Seema spoke and made up," she wrote. "Real friends can argue and make up quickly that's a real friendship me and @SemmaUnique have NEVER fell out and me and Perla are good."

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Photo Credit: ITVBe