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Christall Kay Confirms She’s Collaborating With Buffalo Souljah On A Remix Of Her Hit Song “Wonder”

Christall Kay has confirmed that she is currently collaborating with Buffalo Souljah as the two are working on a remix of her hit song "Wonder." The Real Housewives of Johannesburg shared the good news via her Instagram page.

"What an awesome day doing a dope collaboration with my boi #buffalosouljah1 at the #christallpalace," she wrote, adding the hashtags; "#christallmusic #buffalosouljah #collaboration #artists #singersongwriter #popmusic #afrodancehall #rhoj"

In the comment section of Christall's post, Buffalo wrote; " Thanks for having me productive day. Can't wait For the massive to hear the mix."

To which Kay responded; "yes, so fantastic! Love your work"

The two also teased about their collaboration via their Instagram Stories as the two are seen working together in the studio as well as playing the piano. 

Photo Credit: 1Magic, Google Images