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Brian Dowling Weighs In On The Real Housewives Of Cheshire Season 9 Feuds And Admits He Might Be Fired From Hosting Reunion Specials If He Revealed What Really Went On Behind-The-Scenes!

Brian Dowling, the host of The Real Housewives of Cheshire reunion specials is sharing his thoughts on the Season 9 drama, in especially between cast members Ester Dee and Rachel Lugo.

The two ladies got into a heated feud over a text that Dee sent to Lugo's husband John early in the season.

"I actually really feel for Rachel this series, especially as she is putting her marriage issues on such a public platform," Dowling told the Daily Star. "I think she's been so brave and I think the real issue she has with Ester, is that Ester texted her husband when she should have texted her."

"This season has been full on! The ladies always know how to bring the drama, but it's been really good getting to see Dawn [Ward] and Tanya [Bardsley] reconnect as friends," he continued. "Also we're seeing a completely different side to Ester which is very refreshing."

In a separate interview with Manchester Evening News, the reunion host says if he really shared what went on behind-the-scenes, he'd be fired from hosting the series.

"There is so much I could share, but if I told you I'd probably be fired," he said.

Brian admits the he gets nervous about taping the heated reunion specials. "Yes, I’m always very nervous before a reunion show because during the day we rehearse my pieces to camera, but we can never rehearse asking the girls the questions and you never know what their responses might be."

"The girls aren’t afraid to call someone out so there is always the potential chance of tensions and arguments."

Brian, admits he's friends with all the Housewives. "I think they're all great and they all bring something different to the show. I do think Tanya is very funny," he told Manchester Evening News.

Photo Credit: ITVBe