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Bravo Cameras Allegedly Captured The Exact Moment Teresa Giudice Got The News About Husband Joe Giudice’s Deportation Delay And Giudice Family Affected By Joe’s Deportation Drama!

Teresa Giudice is "overwhelmed" and "stressed" more than ever before after her husband Joe Giudice's deportation appeal was denied last month. According to a new report, the Real Housewives of New Jersey star is “experiencing so many different emotions right now,” a source told HollywoodLife.

“Teresa is feeling overwhelmed and emotional after what was one of the toughest weeks of her life,” the source said. “This was a really hard and emotional week for her and it’s just all becoming so real for her. She truly thought Joe would be able to come home by now and it’s really taking a toll on her and her daughters. She’s extremely emotional right now and trying to do the best she can, but this week took a lot out of her.”

Apparently, Joe's 64 year-old  mother Filomena Giudice's health is being affected by her son's potential deportation. She submitted a letter to the court in hopes to help her son's case.

“I am a mother desperately seeking the day my son returns back home to me,” Filomena wrote in the note obtained by Radar Online. “I lost my husband a few years ago and then my son was also taken from me.”

Filomena went on to call herself a “sick woman with several medical conditions.”

“A diabetic, high cholesterol, high blood pressure and [I] also suffer from severe arthritis and depression,” she continued.

She also said that she has relied on Joe for “mental, physical, financial and business support” — and “can’t bear” the thought of him being kicked out of the country. “I ask of you to please send him home to us so that we can continue our little bit of life that we have left together,” she pleaded with the judge. “We all await his return to lighten up our lives again and build our [family’s] foundation again as these past few years have been a very dark place for us all.”

Apparently, Bravo  cameras captured the exact moment when Teresa Giudice got the news about Joe’s deportation news while filming the show's upcoming tenth season.

“Teresa was filming and had a Bravo crew on her when she found out about Joe’s deportation delay,” a production insider told Radar Online. “It was insanity and she was really happy,” the source continued. “Teresa couldn’t believe that Joe was actually finally getting a break in his case.”

“It just worked out that cameras happened to be rolling for everything,” the source added.

Photo Credit: Bravo