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Bethenny Frankel Claims Her Fans Pay Her Ex-Husband Jason Hoppy’s Rent As They Continue To Face Off In Court!

Real Housewives of New York City star Bethenny Frankel shut down Jason Hoppy’s criticism of her social media use in court as they continue to fight for custody of their daughter, Bryn, according to Us Weekly.

Hoppy’s attorney Robert Wallack asked Frankel about her Instagram account in court on Tuesday, May 14. According to Radar Online, the lawyer specifically referenced Frankel’s decision to share a video of herself crying over the loss of her dog Cookie following a seizure in October 2017.

“Isn’t a fact that you would rather take advice from 2 million followers then Jason?” Wallack asked Frankel. “You were looking to exploit this tragic situation? … You were doing it for attention, correct?”

“No, I don’t need attention,” Frankel replied.

Wallack continued to push the issue, asking Frankel, “Why do you feel the need to share your personal life each time with your 2 million followers?”

“I know a lot of my fans. I do a lot of book signings. They help support me, and they help me pay Jason’s rent, and they are the people that are allowing me to stand on my own two feet,” Frankel said. “That’s how I made money to pay Jason millions of dollars. That’s how he is paying your legal bills. That’s why you have this job right now. That’s how Jason can afford his rent, and that’s how I can afford my rent and support my daughter.”

The former couple's relationship has been rocky since they separated in 2012 after being married for a little more than two years. Their divorce took more than three years to finalize as they fought over alimony, child custody and Frankel's New York City condo. By July 2016, Hoppy had moved out of the Tribeca home and a few weeks later, their attorneys confirmed the divorce was finished.

Frankel is seeking primary custody and full decision-making power over Bryn, while Hoppy wants to maintain the current joint custody arrangement.

Photo Credit: Getty Images