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Tanya Bardsley Insists Using Cannabis Oil Helped Cure Her Broken Back And Anxiety!

Tanya Bardsley has revealed that she started using cannabidiol (CBD) to help with the pain after breaking her back in three places while filming "Celebs on the Ranch." The Real Housewives of Cheshire star admits that she found the remedy had a positive impact on her mental health.

"I suffer from really bad anxiety but I've been taking CBD oil and it's so amazing. I started taking it for the pain in my back and one of the side effects, it's really helped with my anxiety," she told BANG Showbiz via Female First.

"So much so that I've actually started selling it in my shop because it's just helped me so much. It basically comes from the family of weed but it's totally legal and it has no THC in it so you don't get stoned."

As for whether her fellow cast members have been there to help throughout her struggle with anxiety, the ITVBe reality star admitted that she feels there's still a "stigma" surrounding mental health.

"Not all of them. I do think in this day and age not everyone understands it... unless you've been through it yourself," she explained. "People don't understand it and there still is a bit of a stigma like 'Oh get on with it look at your life you should be grateful'. There is that stigma that still goes on."

She continued: "I didn't actually want to speak about it [on the show]. I was on an away trip and I just kept crying couldn't stop crying and I was afraid I was going to look like a bit of a 'Looney Tune'.

She added: "But I'm so grateful that I had so many messages thousands saying I've helped them and they feel the same and I'm glad it worked out that way."

Photo Credit: ITVBe