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Tanya Bardsley Admits She Doesn’t Plan On Having Any More Plastic Surgery!

Tanya Bardsley has revealed that she doesn't plan on having any more plastic surgery after being left badly scarred from a previous procedure.  "No I don't plan to have anymore I've got really bad scars from my last boob job but they're underneath so you can't see when I'm dressed they don't bother me that much where I'll have an operation," said the Real Housewives of Cheshire star.

"With Ralphi where I couldn't pick him up - cos he's such a mummy's boy - he would not be able to understand me not being able to pick him up," she revealed during a recent interview with BANG Showbiz, according to Female First.

She continued: "I think research is key. Where before I'd be like 'Yeah chop it off, sew it up' and now I'd be like no let's think about it more. "Because stuff does go wrong which I never thought before and also it always happens to other people and then when it happened to me I was like oh shit, so research is key."

The footballer wife also revealed that she would definitely not let her 17-year-old teen daughter Gabriella consider surgically enhancing her appearance as she's "perfect" the way she is.

She added: "She's always saying she wants a nose job and she wants her lips doing and I'm like 'No not on my watch! You are not having anything done, you are perfect' Yeah she would have to be moved out grown up and me be away on holiday or something."

Photo Credit: ITVBe