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Scheana Shay Says Lindsay Lohan’s MTV Reality Show Will Never Be ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Scheana Shay slams Lindsay Lohan’s MTV reality show “Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club.” When asked to share her thoughts on Lindsay's reality show, Shay rolled her eyes and accused the MTV show of “trying to be Vanderpump Rules.”

“My friend Kailah [Casillas] was on it and I watched her episodes, but other than that, it’s boring,” Scheana told Page Six.

She added, “It’s never going to be ‘Vanderpump Rules’ because it was cast — our show is so good because it’s organic; we’re real friends. We’ve all known each other for a decade plus.”

When we asked if her cast mates also think the show sucks, Scheana said: “Everyone.”

Meanwhile, back in January, the cast of Lindsay's show brushed off the idea of being compared to the cast of the Bravo's hit reality series.

“They should be so lucky!” Billy Estevez told Page Six said of the comparison between the two groups of staffers.

“They work at a little, cheap restaurant in West Hollywood,” Brent Marks added. “Well, I mean it’s kind of expensive though, but I mean we work in Mykonos on an exotic island.”

Photo Credit: Bravo