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LeeAnne Locken Shares New Details About Her Wedding To Fiancé Rich Emberlin!

LeeAnne Locken is sharing new details about her wedding to fiancé Rich Emberlin, which they are set to tie to knot later this month. The Real Housewives of Dallas star reveals she is “getting giddier every moment” leading up to their April 27 nuptials.

“I honestly didn’t realize how excited I would become, and I didn’t realize how excited Rich would be,” she told Us Weekly. “Seeing him get excited makes me realize how much he loves me. It has been the biggest blessing of the process so far.”’

The couple, who recently obtained their wedding license, Locken reveals that she feels “so behind” on everything she “personally should be doing” for the wedding. “I think that is just my fear of dropping the ball on something,” she explains. “I haven’t really had to worry about anything because I have the best wedding planning in the world, Steve Kemble. He just giggles when I ask a question and says, ‘I got it. It’s already been done.”’

LeeAnne and Rich get their wedding license. Credit: Us Weekly

LeeAnne insists that she has not been a bridezilla. “I think it freaks my friends out how not worried about anything I have been,” she says. “I am so at peace with who I am and where we are as a couple that the rest seems like, well, as we say in the south, the rest is just lipstick on a pig.”

Locken also reveals that the couple is looking forward to is writing their own vows. “I was shocked when he told me he had already started with his! Then he followed that up with, ‘and they are going to make you cry!’” LeeAnne explained. “Rich has never been someone who overly expresses his emotions, so when he does, you can count on two things: they are genuine and they will be heartfelt!”

She added: “Some tried to question our relationship, and some even tried to ruin it. But the love is real!” she told Us Weekly. “The wedding is happening, and not everyone is invited.”

LeeAnne and Rich's wedding invitation. Credit: Us Weekly

LeeAnne previously revealed that she will be saying “I do” in a custom-made $25,000 dress by Nardos Imam, and the Bravo reality star shared the first look at the designer’s sketches of the gown.

Credit: Page Six

“I designed this dress for her to shine in so that she can have the wedding of her dreams,” Imam told Page Six. “I love how it brings out the innocence in her.”

The publication reveals that dresses of this caliber take three to four months to create, but Locken’s — which features re-embroidered French lace layered over duchess satin — will be finished in just six weeks.

Credit: Page Six

“I have had trust issues my entire life, but for some reason when it comes to Nardos, I 100 percent trust her to do what she thinks would look amazing,” Locken told Page Six. “This dress is her creation — the only thing I asked was for my arms, neck and back to be covered. She is so amazing. She also made my dress for my engagement party!”

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