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Leanne Brown Says “Cancer Risk Associated With ALL BREAST IMPLANTS”

Leanne Brown is sharing the alleged risks of having breast implants. The former Real Housewives of Cheshire star claims that there is a rick of cancer associated with all breast implants. The footballer wife  shared a series of screen shots on her Instagram Stories from an article about France banning some breast implants.

The first post said: “France to ban popular breast implants over dance risk “In a decision it called “historic”,” according to OK! Magazine UK.

Further down on the post it also said: “Currently the FDA (US Regulatory Body) has issued a statement to ALL health care professional (FEB 2019) indicating that the risk of BIA-ALCL (cancer associated with breast implants) is associated with ALL BREAST IMPLANTS regardless of texture of fill type.”

Leanne added the caption on the post “Cancer risk associated with ALL BREAST IMPLANTS” followed by two face emojis.

Late last month, Brown took to Instagram to share with her followers as to why having breast implants is not good for your body in a post she called; “BREAST IMPLANT ILLNESS.”

The post said; “Please ladies do your research on any form of surgery it’s just not worth your health. Breast implants are toxic and definitely DO NOT come with a life time guarantee!”

Photo Credit: ITVBe