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Kenya Moore, Kandi Burruss And NeNe Leakes Share Their Thoughts On RHOA Season 11 Finale; Shamari DeVoe Comes To NeNe's Defense!

The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 11 finale was dramatic to say the least with the return of Kenya Moore and a friendship that ended up getting fractured between NeNe Leakes and Cynthia Bailey over Moore's last minute appearance.

Now, many stars of the Bravo hit reality series took to social media to share their thoughts on the finale.

NeNe took to Twitter and Instagram to share her thoughts - prior to the finale airing she encouraged viewers to tune in.

"The most EPIC finale in #RHOA history tonight at 8pm on Bravo!," she wrote. "Tune in THEN catch me live at 10pm on YOUTUBE the life of NeNe #HBIC," she wrote adding an attached note which said the following:

"Hey you guys! So TONIGHT is the most EPIC finale in RHOA HISTORY at 8pm on Bravo! Watch to the VERY END! I think the last 10mins of this episode will shed some light on a few things I've endured behind the scenes with this certain person! When your sneaky and only want to be seen in a certain light, I'm positive THEY have already started damage control to try an further diminish what's really true!," the note said.

"Thank you so much to my ride or die fans who's shown nothing but love and support for Gregg and I throughout this whole process. When chile it's been a true journey! PS: I WILL BE LIVE AT 10pm on my YOUTUBE! Subscribe to: the life of Nene so you can hear how i really felt right after watching this episode a few weeks ago! #RHOA #closetspecial #HBIC #LifeofNene," she wrote.

After the episode aired, Leakes tweeted; "YOU DONT UNDERSTAND HOW THIS BROKE ME! I will NEVER be ok! NEVER! So much has happened that you don't get to see! Thank God they showed this and gave me a little rope! I'm broken! My sisterhood was real REAL!," she wrote about her fallout with Cynthia Bailey.

When a fan apologized for "doubting her" over Cynthia Bailey's shadiness, she wrote; "You don't understand how this has hurt my heart."

As for Queen Twirl, she took to Twitter where the new mother tweeted the finale episode to share her thoughts on the dramatic episode. Since the episode was surrounded mostly about her, Moore had a lot to say about the finale.

"Can't believe this is the first episode I've watched of Season 11 #RHOA," she first tweeted.

"Does anyone understand [what] she is talking about? What the hell does Cynthia need to do? #RHOA," she tweeted.

When NeNe addressed that Kenya dissed her via a Instagram Q&A Session, Kenya tweeted; "How do I put things in the press when answering a call/text or delete question? When have I ever needed press? #dumb #RHOA," she wrote.

She continued: Oohhh bravo shady for the flashbacks on the difference in stories #RHOA," she tweeted.

Kenya also reacted to Leakes calling her a monster. "I think big, get cash, make em blink fast. Now look at what you just saw, this is what you live for, AHHHHHH I'm. MuthaF****ng MONSTER," the queen of twirl quoted Nicki Minaj.  

Moore also reacted to Leakes saying she was having a buffalo. "I'm having a buffalo... I'm going into labor. I'm pregnant that's her excuse... So nasty so rude. #RHOA," she tweeted.

When asked what caused their fallout between her and Leakes, she replied; "I hold all the real tea #RHOA"

She added: "@CynthiaBailey10 and @Kandi both invited me but CB never knew I was coming until I showed up #FACTS #RHOA."

As for Kandi Burruss, she has no regrets about bringing Moore to Bailey's event.

"People can be mad at me all they want but I thought it was great having @KenyaMoore on tonight's episode," Burruss tweeted.

She added: "I did not lie. Cynthia didn't know for sure that Kenya was coming. I told her I would TRY to get Kenya there. Kenya didn't even give me a definite yes until I got to the party & she asked me not to go in until she got there because she decided to come at the last minute," she wrote.

In which Moore backed up Burruss statement, replying; "FACTS."

Meanwhile, newcomer Shamari DeVoe shared her thoughts on the situation and came for Leakes defense.

"Keep watching you guys... things are not always as they seem. @NeNeLeakes is not the villain in this situation! #RHOA," she wrote.

She added: "I think a "friend" could have gotten a heads up,though. Just so that she was not caught off guard."

Who's side are you on? Sound off in the comment section below!

Photo Credit: Bravo