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Joyce Giraud Comes To Lisa Vanderpump’s Defense And Accuses RHOBH Cast Of Being “Jealous” Of LVP; Says “They Want To Bring The Queen Bee Down”

While Lisa Vanderpump is feuding with her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills co-stars this season, a former cast member Joyce Giraud is coming to her defense and is calling out the rest of the cast for "bullying" the SUR and PUMP restaurant owner.

"100% they are ganging up on Lisa. And it's horrible to see. Any decent human being can see how terrible it is what the other women are doing to Lisa," she told The Daily Mail.

"This season of bullying is the worst because of what Lisa has been going through. She just lost her brother. She was enclosed in sadness. I don't see how an entire group can gang up on her."

She continued: "It was very difficult to see. Very sad to see. People should have rallied around her. Lisa needed support. They kicked her when she was down. She was in a terrible state. She was very vulnerable."

Giraud says she knew LVP was in such a 'state' because the two have become close. "Lisa is a good person with a good heart. We are very good friends. Our husbands are friends. My children adore her."

Then, the former beauty queen weighs in on the infamous showdown between LVP and Kyle Richards.

"The minute Lisa swore on her children, the discussion should have been dropped," Girard explained. "She swore on her children's lives. No mother would swear on her children's lives."

"I don't think Kyle Richards is being a good friend. Kyle Richards is part of the group ganging up on her."

When asked why the rest of the ladies are feuding with Vanderpump, she replied; "I think they are jealous."

"No other explanation. They want to bring the Queen Bee down. There's not a single explanation to bringing someone down after they lost a brother," she told The Daily Mail.

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Photo Credit: Bravo